Women's Rights Case Study - India

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Women's Rights Case Study - India

  • GDP per capita increase from US$863 to US$1165 2008-2014

Inequality Issues

Violence52% of women believe it is justifiable for a man to beat his wife→Increase in dowry killings, **** and abuse of women in public

Slavery14.3 million subject to slavery in India

Property Ownership→Patriarchal inheritance

Employment Opportunities→Women who take primary and secondary education do not seek jobs; women are expected to carry out domestic duties

Discrimination in the Workplace→Maternity benefits denied; women do not return after childbirth; only 25% of women return to work after childbirth

Access to Healthcare→In Bihar, 1/3 of households do not access healthcare

Access to Education70% of girls attend primary but few attend secondary; poverty and beliefs are a restrictive factor; strong opposition from families and communities

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Women's Rights Case Studies - India

Strategies in Place

Leave No One Behind

  • UN Women and UN System to support the implemntation of national priorities in India

Women Transforming India

  • Training of female leaders with the panchayat (local governance)

Economic Empowerment, Ending Violence Against Women and the Need for Investment

  • Interlinked
  • High importance to Indian Government
  • Progression ensures that women can thrive in a free world


  • 210,000 Indian men registered to stand in solidarity with women

Dowry Prohibiton Act, 2005

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