Women in the 'Aeneid' and the 'Iliad'

Importance of women- mortal and immortal- in the two books

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Victim of Fate, abandoned by Aeneas

Struck by Cupid, described as suffering from a wound

Victim of Juno and Venus' marriage trick

Commits suicide due to intense emotion

Juno takes pity on her and sends Iris to take her life

In Underworld with Sychaeus, shuns Aeneas

Curses Aeneas and Rome, prophesied Punic Wars and Hannibal, the unknown avenger, Carthage as enemies of Rome

Independent woman- builds city, queen of Carthage- reminds Roman audience of Cleopatra

Wants to kill Aeneas and Ascanius after betrayal

Obstacle to the future of Rome

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Helps Aeneas and gives him advice- heroic prestige having a goddess for a mother

Pulls his sword free in battle with Turnus

Brings dittany to heal his wound in battle

Tricks Dido into thinking she is married to him

Petitions Jupiter to end his suffering

Makes Dido fall in love with Aeneas to provide hospitality and protection for him

Sends two doves to help him find golden bough

Seduces Vulcan to get divine armour for Aeneas

Stops Aeneas from killing Helen

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Intensely hates Aeneas and the Trojans, shipwrecks Aenas

Obstacle to the future of Rome

Creates the 'union' of Aeneas and Dido

Sends Iris to end Dido's suffering

Tells Trojan women to burn the ships

Drives Amata mad through Allecto, stirs Turnus, makes Ascanius kill the stag which starts the war

Opens the Gates of War

Sends the phantom Aeneas to save Turnus for a few days, begs Jupiter to delay his death, sends Juturna to delay Turnus' death

Yields to Jupiter becuase Fate is unmovable

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Loves Turnus intensely

Commits suicide when she thinks Turnus is dead

Shows the injustice of the situation- unfair for Lavinia and Turnus not to be together

Allecto sends her into a fury which inflames the women of Latium

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Loves Turnus fiercely

Attempts to avert him and save his life/prolong his life for a few days

Caues him intense shame to be turning away

Sends him his spear in the battle with Aeneas

Weeps for him when the Dirae appear

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