Women in 1920s America

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In 1920s America women...:

  • Could smoke in public
  • Could wear more revealing clothes
  • Could vote
  • Could do more jobs (worked during WW1 in factories- men shortage) that became better paid
  • Had access to birth control clinics (Margret Sanger set up 200 in the 1920s)
  • Could obtain divorces more easily
  • Were having sex before marriage
  • Could openly flirt with men
  • Could go out without chaperones
  • Had time saving devices (eg. washing machines) so the house work was done quicker so they had more free time
  • Could drive
  • Had cars made for them in cars other than black
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Which parts of society could not change and why?

  • Rural society- disconnected/ didn't have time to go out/ to busy
  • The poorest classes and black people- Couldn't afford lifestyle
  • Religous society- didn't approve
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