Women And The War Effort

to what extent did womens involvent in WW1 help them get the vote in 1918 ?

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name the four ways in which war effects women....

1. Their role in recruitment

2. Job opportunities

3. Mens attitudes change

4. Working conditions

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how did women help with recruitment?

  • publicity campaigns tried to persuade men to fight
  • white feather movement encouraged young men to fight
  • mothers union urged sons to fight
  • active service league took an oath to encourage young men to fight
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what job oppotunities did women have in the war?

  • britain need 2 million workers by 1916
  • 500000 women worked in office jobs
  • 200000 women were employed by the government as office clerks
  • 800000 women got engineering jobs
  • womens also became - bus drivers - post women - farmers - grave diggers - road layers - steel workers
  • over 1.5 million extra women helped out
  • big cities had womens volenteer police services
  • 260000 in the land army
  • 1918 - the womens army auxillary corp - nurses near the front line
  • salvation army women sent to france to cook,nurse and aid the soldiers
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what were mens views on women change during the wa

  • trade unions didn't want women to work in factories - feared women would work for less
  • women were also banned from joining trade unions
  • concern about womens ability to learn things quick enough
  • BUT by 1916 the shortage of engineers meant women had to be recruited and they proved to be equal to men even with their little training
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what were working conditions like for women during

  • munitions work was dangerous and tiring
  • hours got longer as the war went on
  • women handelling explosives had problems...breathing - yellow skin - rashes - brain damage
  • middle classes gave up servant because the servants could get better pay elsewhere
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