Wolsey's Fall from Grace

Did the Nobles conspire against him?

There are two main views:

Traditional View- Wolsey= unpopular- royal favourite
Nobilities took revenge on Wolsey during the divorce crisis
long term conspiracy built up through Wolsey's rise to greatness

Revisionist View- Wolsey did not deliberatly antagonise the nobility
Short term opportunist faction led by Duke of Suffolk and Norfolk

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The Role of Anne Boleyn

Wolsey had been broken up Anne's relationship with Henry Percy, so that she was free for Henry himself

Probably unlikely she had much to do with his fall- until late on in the negociations, Anne would have considered Wolsey as a positive influence on proceedings

As long as Wolsey had Henry's trust, it was pointless conspiring against him

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Why does Henry lose faith in Wolsey?

Amicable Grant failure

Anglo- french alliance, late 1525 was unpopular- weakened trade and put Henry in a weak position for the Great Matter

Wolsey's failure to negitiate a divorce for Henry
Henry expected an easy annulment through Wolsey's position as Legate a Latere

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