Wolsey's Fall from Grace (Dates)



Henry wanted out of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon

Wolsey realised the importance of attaining the divorce 

Henry needed papal confirmation, inevitable Catherine would appeal to Rome

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May 1527

Wolsey planned to use power as Legate a Latere to annul marriage in England before recieving confirmation from Rome

Catherine opposed any decision taken about her marriage in England

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December 1527

Due to the imperial sacking of Rome, Charles had Pope Clement VII held prisoner

Wolsey planned to pronounce in favour of the divorce, but the cardinals were relcutant to help, but due to Clement's release the plan was gotten rid of

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Summer 1528

Pope sends Cardinal Campeggio to over see Ecclesiastical court in England, with the power to annul the marriage. 

Although told not to use them suggest Catherine retire to a nunnery leaving Henry to re-marry

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October 1528

Proceedings held up further, emerged brief by Julius II from 1503, clearing up doubts

English proclaimed it as being false, it was quite coincidental

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31st March 1528-

Court opened in Blackfriars

Catherine remained that her marriage with Arthur was unconsummated

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23rd July 1529

Campeggio adjourned the case for the summer

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9th October 1529

Wolsey charged with Praemunire, exercising his legatine power in England to the detriment of the King

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November 1529

The anti-clerical acts passed in the first meeting of the reformation parliament

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November 1530

The Council had Wolsey arrested

However on his way to face charges of treason in London he died in Leciester Abbey on the 24th November 1530

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