Wjec A Level I.C.T - Encoding Data

Wjec A Level I.C.T - Encoding Data

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Reasons for encoding data

data is often encoded , there are many reasons why data is encoded, these are:

  • coded data takes less effort to type in
  • more data can appear on the screen takes up less storage space
  • it is easier to check that a code is accurate using validation checks.
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Examples of encoding

there are many examples of encoding data, these consist of:

Country of origin for cars:

GB= Great Britain

D= Germany

IRL= Ireland

CH= Switzerland

Sizes of clothes:

S= Small



XL= Extra Large

Airport Codes:

LHR= London Heathrow

MAN= Manchester

RHO= Rhodes

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Problems associated with encoding

One of the main problems  with encoding data. If there are any problems with encoding data , this could mean that the results you recieve are inaccurate.

An examples of this would be : Descriptions of criminals on a police computer system might include the eye colour of the criminal , they might decide to use:

Blue : BL        Brown : BR    Green: GR      Grey: GY

If the police officer goes to type in the details of the criminal on to a database form , if the eye colour of the criminal has blue/green. The police officer then has to choose which code they are going to use.  The data base will only accept one code. Therefore the police officer will have to choose one code to type in , but which code do they choose?  therefore all of the information in the data base could be inaccurate.

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