WJEC Physics P1 Topic 1

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Lots of  Energy produced from little fuel

No greenhouse gases emitted

Nuclear Waste

Commissioning/Decommissioning costs

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Fossil Fuels


Lots of energy from little fuel

Gas and Oil are transported easily (not coal)

Coal produces CO2 and SO2 - CLIMATE CHANGE

Gas and Oil don't produce SO2 but still some CO2 (less than coal)

Will eventually run out

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Wind and Solar

No Fuel Cost

No CO2 - no Climate Change


Unreliable - eg not always sunny or windy

Do not generate much electricity

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Water Power

W = Wave // T = Tidal // H = Hydroelectric

W~T~H - No fuel cost

             - No CO2

T~H ~ Very Reliable

       ~ Produce lots of power

W //  Difficult to design to produce enough energy

T //  Damages estuaries/habitats

H //  Damages habitats andthere aren't many suitable sites

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Inside living things

Carbon neutral

Harmful waste turned into something useful

Land is needed

Very ineffiecient

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No fuel cost

No CO2

Very Reliable

Few sites available - ie near a volcano

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