Witness Appeal - Evaluation (2)

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Witness Appeal - Evaluation (2)


Whilst the lack of ecological validity is the main evaluation point, other issues to consider include...

  • Sample = usually students so lacks generalisability. As they may be gaining course credit, they may also show demand characteristics e.g. Pickel used a student sample
  • Usefulness of research - It does help us to understand the ways in which juried can be persuaded (and therefore prevent it from happening) as only the actual trial evidence should influence a jury’s decision.
  • Ethical - This is the only way that research can be conducted into jury processes
  • Independent measures design - Strengths – removes demand characteristics so they aren’t influenced by the researcher and won’t hinder the amount of GV’s. - Weakness as it depends on what sort of person you are, as it’ll affect the likeliness of a GV. - You can’t control participant variables – some of them could be criminals in the sample
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