Witness Appeal - Evaluation (1)

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Witness Appeal - Evaluation (1)

Ecological Validity:

  • Due to mock trials needing to be used – a lack of ecological validity is the main criticism of research in this area.
  • Ross et al - used a videotaped mock trial which wasn’t actual live evidence. The emotion in Ross’ study wouldn’t be the same as a real-life child’s.
  • Castellow – only used photo’s as attractiveness can be influenced by personality.
  • Penrod and cutler – Doesn’t represent witness confidence as someone doesn’t actually give a percentage of their confidence.

Several differences exists between real trials and mock trials:

  • The livelihood of the defendant will not be hanging in the balance of the jury’s decision
  • Real trials can go on for weeks. A mock trial will be a very short process in comparison
  • Mock jurors will often simply have to read evidence, rather than it being presented by ‘live’ witnesses – less emotion
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