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The origins of the universe

In the Qur’an (the Divine Book revealed to the Prophet Muhammad) there are details of the Creation:

"Surely, your Lord is Allah. Who created the heavens and the earth in six periods; then He settled Himself on the Throne. He makes the night cover the day, pursuing it swiftly. He has created the sun and the moon and the stars, all made subservient by His command…

He it is Who sends the winds… Good land brings forth vegetation plentifully by the command of the Lord."

Surah 7:55-59

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The origins of the universe

"I have created men, high and low, that they may worship Me. I desire no support from them, nor do I desire that they should feed Me. Surely, it is Allah who is the Great Sustainer, the Lord of Power, the Strong."

Surah 51:56

There is no particular order given for the Creation and there is no suggestion as to how long the ayyam (periods of time) were.

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