William of Orange

His rule

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Don John

  • Realised Spanish rule could not be restored completely to the Netherlands without the support of William of Orange
  • William refused to come to terms with John
  • July 1577 John went with the Spanish troops and showed that Orange had been right to think badly of John
  • In September 1577 Orange entered Brussels. He was given the office of governor of Brabant.
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Calvinist Revolution

  • Orange attempted to please both sides by getting them to live in harmony but tried in vain.
  • The advance of Calvinism in the south alarmed many of the moderate catholics and ultimately ld to their return to the Spanish fold.
  • It was not so much religion as Orange himself, and what he stood for, which drew the grandees of the Netherlands into the enemy’s camp.
  • In particular, it was the support which orange drew from the lower orders and his readiness to advance the authority of the states-general which offended the aristocracy.
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Matthias and Anjou

  • The grandees invited the Archduke Matthias
  • Young duke was impressionable
  • Orange pushed that he ruled with a council of State appointed by the delegates. Orange also pushed to the states-general that Matthias would accept Orange as his lieutenant and chief advisor.
  • As a counterweight to Orange, the grandees brought in Duke Francis of Anjou, the brother of the French king
  • Anjou brought in troops of his own, 12000, and helped in the war
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Unions of Utrecht and Arras

  • Netherlands now split in two
  • Orange was appalled but in May 1579, joined with Union of Utrecht, the rebels in the north
  • Violent attacks on Catholics soon took place and orange was called naïve if he believed religious freedom would work.
  • Orange decided to bring in someone to help with this situation, Anjou was chosen
  • Anjou was unable to curb excess Calvinism and led to humiliation of Catholics
  • Holland and Zealand refused to recognise him, determined only on Orange
  • March 1580 Orange declared an outlaw, he replied with the ‘Apologia’.
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