William Blake - Songs of Innocence and Experience

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Introduction - Songs of Innocence


  • 'valleys wild' nature the muse of the romantics
  • 'on a cloud' angelic, cherub?
  • 'and he laughing said to me' inverted syntax, typical of the time? sounds more musical, stress on laughing
  • imperitives 'pipe', 'drop', 'sit' children have importance (original state of innocence), commanding adults
  • 'lamb', representation of Jesus, gentle and childlike
  • personification 'happy pipe', 'happy cheer'
  • 'all may read' inclusive, not many children in 1700s reading
  • 'joy to hear' listen as opposed to read
  • 'stained the water clear' paradox, ambiguous idea. Water dirty then purified? Religious imagery (baptism)


  • simple quatrains
  • ABAB
  • trochaic
  • happy lines reflected in the meter (leaping like a child/lamb)
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The Little Girl Lost - Songs of Innocence


  • could be read as caring or sexual? prelapsarian

  • 'sleep', 'deep' everlasting or gravely important, assonance, lyrical sounds

  • 'garden mild' life before, the age of innocence

  • 'Lovely Lyca lay' alliteration, fairytale, sweet sounding, lyrical

  • 'mother weep' Lyca in a innocent world, doesn't cry as innocent and believes they are safe? parents experienced so would

  • rhyming couplet 'sleep...weep' mother and daughter in harmony (moods link)

  • 'frowning frowning night' personification, wildness of world, aware of danger?

  • 'prey' usually eaten, ominous quality of animals

  • 'kingly' nature manipulated by humans, king of the beasts, proud creature

  • 'gambolled' spring like lambs, unlikely behaviour

  • 'virgin' female lion, anthrapomorphism


  • 13 short quatrains
  • short steccato lines
  • trimeters
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