William Blake - Critics

Critics/AO4 for the A2 William Blake English Literature Exam


D.W Harding

·         Argues that Blake wrestled with personal issues such as: relations with authority, relations of the sexes, the poison of jealousy and the importance of forgiveness

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B. Ifor Evans

·         Repression was the what Blake was concerned about above all else

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B Ifor Evans

(BLake) Rose against all the pressures of the material world with a divine frenzy of vision and power

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Peter Ackroyd

Preoccupied by light and dark in a city that is built in the shadows of money and power

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Peter Ackroyd

dramatise the spiritual significance as well as the possible deficiencies of Innocence itself

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B Ifor Evans

wisdom speaks with the voice of a child

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Raymond Williams

above all criticised the way his materialistic society gave little space to the imagination

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J. Bronowski

Man is distorted by the rigid frames of law and society

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J Bronowski

       Blake’s poems became more ‘Christian’ after the French Revolution

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J Bronowski

Blake saw Jesus Christ as spiritual goodness but God was associated with tyranny and repression

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