Wild Fires

A general summary of all you need to know for gcse geography about wildfires, and more...

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  • Fires destroy houses and all possesions in under an hour, and can destroy entire forests.
  • Fires kill more people every year than any other force of nature.
  • Fire is still helpfull - gave humans portable light and heat.
  • Lets us cook, make tools, pottery and bricks
  • Each year, fire brigades attend to about 60,000 fires in the home, where 700 people die and over 9000 are injured, thats two dying everyday.
  • Fire spreads quickly and smoke kills in seconds
  • Fire is a result of a chemical reaction between oxygen and fuel due to heat.
  • over 100000 fires are started deliberately every year. (arson)
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What is a wildfire?

A wildfire is known as a wild land fire, forest fire, vegitation fire, grass fire, peat fire, bushfire, or hill fire is an uncontrollable thing in wild land areas. They often begin unnoticed, but they spread quickly, lighting trees and homes on their way.

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Common causes of wildfires include:

  • Lightning
  • Human carelessness
  • Arson
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Pyroclastic cloud from active volcano
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Case Study

When:         August 20-21st, 1910

Where:       Northern Idaho and western Montana

Duration:    Two days and nights

Deaths:      86 people died

Most of what was destroyed fell to hurricane force winds that turned the fire into a blowtorch. The flames shot hundreds of feet in the air, fanned by a tornadic wind so violent that the flames flattened out ahead, swooping to earth in great curves. There were exploding trees and waves of flame that arced across the night sky.

Among the 86 who died, 28 or 29 were men. Two men too terrified to face death took their own lives. One jumped from a burning train and the other shot himself when he feared an approaching fire would get him. Two fire fighters fled into flames, fellow fighters huddled in a nearby stream. There were 1,736 fires burning in northern Idaho and western Montana on August 20th.

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Before a fire

  • Evacuate - all pets and familly members
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Remove items that will burn
  • Close Openings
  • Close inside doors
  • Shut off gas
  • Collect water
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