Widening political participation

Explains how political participatin can be increased.

Used to answer questions such as

b) Describe ways to increase political participation (10 marks)

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  • Wider use of Referendums
  • Lower voting age
  • Complusory voting
  • Digital Democracy
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+ DIRECT DEMOCRACY - public can express opinions, control over govt decision making.

+ POLITICAL EDUCATION - public can debate (increase electoral turnout).

+ RESPONSIVE GOVT - force govt to listen to public opinion between elections on specific issue.

+ REDUCES GOVT POWER - has less control over outcome of referendums.

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- ILL-INFORMED DECISIONS: citizens < educated & lack political experienced compared to politicians who can make knowledgable pliy decisions.

- WEAKENS PARLIAMENT: weakens role of elected MPS as they've been elected to make policy decisions.

- IRRESPONSIBLE GOVT: decisions handed over to electorate. Govts are elected to make policy decisions and should be accountable for them.

- STRENGTHENS GOVT: as they decide when, where and what issue to hold referendum on,

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