Why was the First Crusade successful?

Muslim disunity, Byzantine, Crusader skill, Religious conviction

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Byzantine Support

TATICIUS brought 2000 skirmish fighters, acts as guide across Anatolia, INFORMS CRUSADERS OF tURKISH BATTLE TACTICS

BYZANTIE flee blackaids NICEA , PROVIDES SUPPLIES AND DESIGN FOR SEIGE WEAPONARY AT ANTIOCH, timing of crusade partly due to Byzantine strategy

ALEXIUS- Informs crusaders of Sunni-Shia split and suggest alliance with Fatamids. Informs crusaders of Turkish battle tactics

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Muslim Disunity

TURKS OF ANATOLIA- involved in war amongst themselves. KILIJ ARSLAN and DANISHMENDS- 1097. Defeated as he hurried back to Nicea on May 21 1097

ANTIOCH- Brothers RIDWAN AND DUQAQ enimies set out seperate armies in Feb 1098. Both defeated by BOHEMOND

FATAMID POWER IN PASLESTINE- reduced by seljuk Turks in 1097. Fatamids captured TYRE from Seljuks and in 1098 took JERUSALEM. Fatamids misunderstood crusaders as Byzantine mercenaries and crusaders got Jeruslaem in 1099. Too late by the time the Fatamids launched a counter attack. Jerualem fell on July 15 1099.

GODFREY OF BOUILLON led crusaders at Jerusalem.

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Crusader Military Skill

INDIVIDUAL LEADERS- great control of individual armies at Dorylaeum. ROBERT OF FLANDERS- brave and organized the foraging and gathering of materials. BOHEMOND- vicious tactics

LEADERS CAME TOGETHER at vital moments such as when fighting the Turks of Asia Minor EXPLOITED DIVISONS in muslim world. ABLE MEN- Nicea, Atioch, Seige of Jerusalem.

BATTLES- Nicea- Franks found themselees fighting close ground near Nicea which ruined Turkish plans. Determination and skills of leaders at Dorylaeum held the armies together. BOHEMOND used skill and experience at Lake Battle. Against KERBOGHA infantry were refined and trained, used this at ASCALON battle.

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Religious Conviction

Popes Representative- ADHEMAR was widely respected- spiritual leader- Negotiated with Alexius at CONSTANTINOPLE, re-established discipline at NICEA, foughts at DORYLAEUM and built morale at ANTIOCH June 1098.

HOLY LANCE discovered by PETER BARTHOLOMEW in Antioch- built morale- believed they could not be defeated- holy relic.

CRUSADERS- prepare to abandon leaders in order to complete pilgrimage- MA'ARAT AL-NUMAN (Dec 1098) crusaders pulled down walls of town to force their leaders to resume to Jerusalem.

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