Why was the First Crusade launched?

Papal power, aid eastern christians, divert christian violnce, recapture jerusalem.

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Aid Eastern Christians

Its the popes duty as God to help Alexius who asked for aid. He is a fellow Christian.

Also hes Urban II was led to eblieve Christians were being killed and tortured by Arabs and Turks. and after the defeat at MANIKERT-1071 he felt they needed more aid.

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Increase Papal Power

Papacy was in fued with Holy Roman Emperors for political power- majoy issue was investiture- the right to appoint bishops.

Emperor Henry IV claimed bishops were important officials. The papacy rejected this.

Leading a crusade could increases the papal prestige and help papacy in this struggle.

PENTARCHY- Five ancient centres of Christendom..in 1095 only Rome and Constantinople were in Christian hands. If Urban I could liberate the centres of Christendom the HRM would be likely to accept his authority.

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Divert Christian Violence

The church saw war as sinful. The church wanted to divert Christian violence and tus launched the Spanish Reconquest.

Church used East as a means of 'Holy War' and told knights it was okay to kill Muslims but a sin to kill Christians.

PEACE AND TRUCE OF GOD- attemps to restrict violence amongst the people on certain days

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Recapture Jerusalem

The holy land had been lost to the Arabs. Pope Urabn II said Jerusalem would play a large part in the lost judgement and also spoke of mistreatment of Christians in the holy city.

Jeruslaem was well known to all Christians and was very ppular with pilgrimages and a familiar place. In the 1060 it had become dangerous due to shia fatamids and sunni islams fighting.

HOLY SEPULCHIRE was in Jerusalem- papacy wanted it.

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