why products change over time

materials and manufacturing and social factors

materials and manufacturing

new materials have helped designers to develop products that improve standard of living. Before the industrial revolution, materials were limited to those that could be manufactured by hand from local resources.

Development of steam engine, iron and steel production lead to mass-produced goods. goods could be shiped allowing more oppotunity for new materials.

development of synthetic plastics from coal, oil and gas brought us another revolution in manufacturing and 2nd WW bakelite was widely used for household products. mass production of plastics gave everyone affordable goods.

Social factors

peoples views on whats fashionable has changed over time. products must be designed to appeal to the customers. fashion changes by season therfore the designers must constantly change colours and style.

political changes, esoecially reguarding the economy and the wars, affect the way products are developed. during 2nd WW efforts were concentrated on arms production, many other goods (furniture, clothes) were limited to cost-effective utility items.

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envionment and summary


disposable culture is being replased with the rething, reuse, reduce, re-use, repair, recycle. customers are willing to pay more if the product is good for the environment. such as organic foods. customers are not buying products that are not good for the environment. the motor industry is working hard to produce cleaner cars for the future.



summary developments in technology have affected materials and manufacturing. new materials have been produced, and the way we make products has changed social factors have an impact on the products we use. products for a greener future are being developed

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