water in the lungs

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Excess water in lungs

  • Na+ is actively pumped across the basal membrane


  • Na+ diffuses through sodium channels in the apicl membrane


  • Cl- diffuses down an electrical gradient water is drawn out of the cells by osmosis due to high salt concentration in the tissue fluid.


  • Water is drawn out of the mucus by osmosis
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Too little water in lungs

  • Cl- is pumped into the cells across the basal membrane


  • Cl- diffuses rthrough the open CFTR channels


  • Na+ diffuses down the electrical gradient into the mucus


  • Elevated salt concentration in the mucus draws water out of the cell by osmosis


  • water is drawn into the cell by osmosis
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With CF

  • CFTR channel is absorbant or not functional


  • Na+ channel is perminently open


  • water is continually removed from mucus by osmosis
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