Why Do People Leave New Religious Movements?

1: Commitment levels too high
2: Death of a charasmatic leader
3: Personal crisis resolved
4: Commitment levels are too hard to sustain
5: The group engages in illegal activities and is 'terminated' 

Commitment levels too high

Sometimes some members feel as if the group can be too demanding. 
In some cases, some individuals do not like the idea of cutting all previous ties and miss their old lifes, however, leaving groups can be incredibly difficult and holds a lot of disaproval.

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Death of a charismatic leader

If a person joins due to the influence of the leader, they may see little point in staying and participating in group activity any further.

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Personal crisis resolved

If an individual joins in the hope of being 'healed', they may leave once their issues have been resolved.

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Commitment levels are hard to sustain over time

Younger generatons may want to experience life outside of the group and experience new cultures and lifestyles.

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The group engages in illegal activity and is termi

The Peoples Temple: 

Mass Suicide 

The Children of God:

Suspicion of Child Abuse 

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