Why do HICs/LICs produce waste?

Why do HICs produce so much waste while LICs produce so little? Edexcel A - A wasteful world

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Why do HICs produce so much waste?

Wealthier population leads to greater disposable income


Greater demand for new products (consumer society)


New items are 'heavily' packaged to attract the customer and single use items are preferred for convenience


Old items are replaced before they are broken or obsolete (throw-away society)


Less effort made to recycle and reuse old items

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Why do LICs produce so little waste?

Lower wages means less disposable income


Purchases are expected to last and are limited to essentials - single use items are rare


Minimum packaging is used to keep prices to a minimum


Items are only replaced if they are beyond repair


Every effort is made to recycle, repair and reuse old items

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