Why did the crusader states survive (to 1140)?

Divisions amogst Muslims,Leadership of rulers, Western Support, Castles

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Divisions amongst Muslims

1109- Toghtekin, the new ruler of Damascus, eclared his independance

1118- Ilghozi formally took Aleppo out of the Seljuk Epire

Fatmids were not a major a threat because other Muslims were unwilling to work with the Egyptians

The Nizari, or Hashshashins, split from the Shia Fatamid Empire

Growth of Nizari meant the assassins, a shia splinter group, were tergetting strong Sunni Leaders like Bursuq.

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Leadership of Rulers


Bladwin I captured Arsuf, Caesarea, Acre, Beirut, Sidon

Baldwin II captured Joscelin in 1122

Fulk captured Fort of Bonias

and Tancred captured Tarus and Latallia


Baldwin I was victorious at 3rd battle of Ramlah in August 1105, acted as abitrator of a council of the greatest barons outside Tripoli, forcing Tancred to give us his city.

Tancred- raised troops in Italy 1105 and Baldwin II was co-operative with Genoese

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Western Support (1)

City states of Italy traded throughout Mediterranean and possed large fleets- natural allies.

1100-Pisa sids in conquering Lattawieh

1101-Genoa aids in Conquest of Arsuf and Caesarea

1102-Genoa helps to capture Tortosa

1103-Genoa helps captre Jebail

1104-Genoa helps conquer Acre

1109-Genose and Provencal fleets aid the capture of Tripoli

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Western Support (2)

1111-Venice aids capture of Sidon

1124-Venice aids capture of Tyre

Minor crusades occured and those that made it to Jerusalem fought alongisde Baldwin I and other rulers. Several military orders including the Teplars were used throughout 1110-1140

Italien City States- wanted to increase their own trade and profits- motivation

1110 onwards- wealth used to build castles in the East

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Castles were the key to holding onto territory.

County of Tripoli- KRAK DES CHEVALIERS- used as a headquarters by knights Hospitallers in Syria. Its possession by the Franks was critical to the defence of their holdings in Northern Syria.

Kingdom Of Jerusalem- MONTREAL- protected the Kingdom in the South and expanded Eastward. It allowed Baldwin to control the area.

Kingdon Of Jerusalem- TORON- Its purpose was acting as a major obsticle to the Muslims trying to invade the Kingdon from the East

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