Why did the cold war begin?


The iron curtain speech (march 1946)

  • During a trip to America
  • President Truman supported it
  • A term used by Winston Churchill to describe the seperating of communist lands of Eastern Europe from the west 
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The long telegram (1946)

  • Truman received worrying newsin the 'long telegram'
  • A secret report from Kennan, America's ambassador in Moscow

It said:

  • Stalin had given a speech calling for the destruction of capitalism
  • There could be no peace with USSR while it was still opposed to capitalism
  • The USSR was building up its military power
  • The USA should seek to contain communism
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Novikov's Telegram (1946)

  • Soviet ambassador for America
  • Sent to Stalin

It reported:

  • America desired to dominate the world
  • Following Roosevelt's death the American government was no longer interested in cooperation with the USSR
  • The American public was prepared for war against the USSR
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