Why did Russia win the war

Discussint Russa's economy

Russian homefront

military factors 

and the Land-Lease

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Russia's Economy

Better prepared for WW2 than Britain or France

Due to economic progress in the 1st & 2nd Five-Year Plans

Better than Nazi system who were unable to produce armamaent on the same scale as Rusia

  • Gosplan at war:
  • relocating industry to east to prevent it falling into enemy hands
  • By Nov 1941: 1,532 factories moved & ressembled 
  • central planning highly effective
  • by 1942: 56% Russia's income devoted to war, higher than Britain, France, Germany or America
  • Production of armament doubled between 1941 &1944 
  • (HUGE as Germeny helf part of Russia)
  • Nazi Economy:
  • Prepared since 1933, lacked direction & priorities hampered as not fully focused
  • Produced fewer than 1,000 aircraft a month (economy 4 years behind schedual)
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Russian Homefront

Effective mobilisation esential

'Russian's fighting for homeland not communism'

Soviet economy had done little to help living standards & Great Terror affacted majority of Russia

'Defend Motherland' and the 'Patriotic War' helped enthuse people to fight

'Fitz' 'Hans' and '*****' given to Germany (dehumanisation)

Endurance and restsiatnce of Russian people

e.g. German seige for 900 days---never surrendered despite starvation, exhausted & weather

awarded 'Hero City' award

Orthodox Chuech highly important to Russia

With Patriotism, many looked to religion as well

Anti-religious propaganda (since 1917) ceased

414 churches reopened

"the works of Jesus were more comforting in the face of death than the works of Marx, Lenin and Stalin combined."  Russian Soldier

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Military Factors (Germany & Allied tactics)

Nazi's defeated by a 'Grand alliance' (British Empire, United States & USSR)

Unprecidented military might & gave Russia strategic economic support

Forced a common enemy

Britain did not trust but Roosevelt did (despite spies)

Alliance divided Hitler's attention & lessened threat to Russia

British bombers targeted German cities (distracted Germany)

D-Day British & Americans opened third front against Germany in France (Germany could not withstand combined forces)

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Land-Lease ( + & - role )

Roosevelt's trust = prepared to offer assistance to Russia

Supplied both Britain and Russia with Americam resources to help fight Germany

minor significance

12% aeroplanes

10% tanks

2% artilary used by 'Red Army' USA provided

But made little difference industrialy, only providing 4% of industrial goods

  • Red Army heavily depended on America & Canada for wheat and tinned good (SPAM)
  • 17% Red Army intake of calories from food such as SPAM by 1943
  • Estimated 12million soldiers recieved 200grams of US food daily by the end of the war
  • Transport:  over 1,900/2,000 trains used by Russians were American
  • American 'Jeeps' formed 2/3 of all those used by the Red Army

Overall food and transport critical to Russian support

Crucial also was the supply of specialist products (alluminium& high-quality steel)

In terms of production of armament, the land-lease did little

Stalin suspicious of land-lease (American products superior to Russian's)

Showed inadequaties of Russia's planned economy

Praise of foreign technology was officially criminalised in 1942

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