Why did Peel Repeal the Corn Laws?

Peel and the Corn-Laws, Pressure from ACLL, Irish Famine, Strategic conservatism, long-term commitment to free trade

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Pressure from the ACLL

  • Ultras felt that Peel was pressured.
  • The ACLL had four MPs so they could campaign within Parliament.
  • Represented the m.class manufacturing industry (of rising importance)
  • Held public lectures nationwide
  • Introduced repeal bills annually
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Strategic Conservatism

  • Wanted to gain middle-class votes (had promised them reform in the Tamworth Manifesto)
  • The middle-class supported repeal
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Response to Irish Famine

  • Peel wanted to show that Ireland mattered to the UK
  • People were dying from starvation
  • Repealing the Corn Laws would make it possible to sell cheap corn to Ireland as they had depended so heavily on potatoes.
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Long-Term Commitment to Free Trade

  • Peel's previous cabinets were influenced by Adam Smith ('Wealth of Nations').
  • He was a 'liberal' who believed in free trade.
  • He intended to repeal after the election but other factors caused its acceleration.
  • Many previous policies hinted towards repeal:

- 1842 Budget

- Reduction on Customs Duties

- Reintroduction of Income Tax

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