Why did America choose Isolationism?

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  • The war caused unemployment. Over 100,000 soldiers had no jobs to go to.
  • Farmers made profits during WWI. They sold produce to Great Britain and France. When they overproduced prices dropped and many went bankrupt.
  • 4 million people went on strike because of being poor and lack of jobs. These strikers included The Boston Police.
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  • Soldiers returned from the war and told horror stories.
  • Radical groups blamed immigrants on American problems. This lead to the Red Scare (communism).
  • There were 100 different nationalities, so they didn't feel it was right to fight around the world against their original country.
  • Society was fragmented, America felt they should on their own problems.
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  • WWI made people question whether or not they wanted to help other countries.
  • Woodrow Wilson wanted to be more involved in the League of Nations and the 14 point plan. He believed in Idealism --> perfection.
  • Warren Harding wanted America to "return to normalcy".
  • He was supported by Republicans such as Henry Cabot Lodge.
  • Harding won the election.
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