why britain wanted an empire



  • traders brought back raw materials and other goods from the colonies to sell in britain at high prices
  • the british government taxed the profits made by traders
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raw materials

  • the british got cotton from egypt
  • meat, wool, silk, spices and chocolate were all provided by britains empire
  • rubber was gained from malaya
  • the british gained some of the best diamonds in the world when they colonised south africa
  • the british got tea from india
  • raw materials were turned into manufactured goods in britains factories
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  • the british government could use profits from trade to improve the army and navy
  • the colonies provided markets for british manufactured goods 
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  • the british were very proud of their territorial acquisitions
  • the words of st. matthew were; 'go ye therefore and teach all nations' (28:13)
  • the more lands or colonies, that britain controlled, the more natural resources they could claim and exploit
  • british explorers travelled the new world and discovered new lands
  • britain's strong defense allowed her to dominate further and reinforce her control over the colonies
  • many people believed there was nothing wrong with having an empire- it was good for britain and good for the world.
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  •  in india, the british tried to introduce the british way of life, culture and language
  • the british felt their way of life to be superior to the uncivilised natives
  • some 'missionaires' believed it was their duty to bring christianity to the godless natives of newly discovered lands
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