Why was the Republic was unpopular?


Treaty of Versailles

  • damaged Germay's economy making the Weimar Republic weak from the start
  • The German people blamed the leaders of the new German Republic for signing it 
  • Labelled the 'November Criminals' because they surrendered in November 1918
  • The 'November Criminals' were seen as traitors to their country 
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The Treaty & Reparations

  •  Article 231 -War guilt clause made Germany accept the blame for the war
  • Allies claimed they were entitled to reparations 
  • 6600 Million to be paid to allies in yearly installments to repair damage in their countries 
  • Ordinary german people hated the blame, they believed that they fought the war in self-defence and that other countries were to blame
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The Treaty & Military Forces

  • Army limited to 100,000 men
  • Navy reduced to 36 ships (no submarines)
  • All planes destroyed 
  • No air force allowed
  • No military in the Rhineland
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The Treaty & Land Losses

  • Germay lost 13% of its european territory 
  • They lost 11 of its colonies
  • The Rhineland demilitarised
  • Northen Schleswig voted to become part of Denmark 
  • Eupen & Malmedy lost to Belgium 
  • Memel taken by Lithuania 
  • Polish Corridor (Posen and West prussia lost to Poland)
  • Upper Silesia voted to become part of Poland 
  • Alsace & Lorraine lost to France 
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The 'Stab in the Back' Theory

  • German people believed that their army had never been defeated in WW1
  • Critics of the Treaty said the army had been betrayed by the Politicians 
  • Thay they wer 'stabbed in the back' and forced to surrender what they could have won
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