Why was the policy of Collectivisation introduced under Stalin?


-Before collectivisation was introduced, Russian agriculture was very inefficient.

-Primitive style of labour.

-Collectivisation introduced to make agriculture more efficient by economies of scale. This would result in increased food production with a smaller agricultural labour force, generating the money and freeing up the workers needed to industrialise.

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-Wanted to introduce collectivisation as an attempt to consoldiate his own power.

-Wanted to prove to people he could be a succesful leader

-Wanted Trotsky's supporters to support him

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-Followed a more communist style economy after the NEP.

-Would end private ownership of land.

-Would bring about equality between agricultural workers by making them all employees of the government.

-Government controlled economy

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-Intended to increase food production to create a surplus to keep army fed

-Improve industrial infrastructure to supply weapons, tanks and aircrafts

-Worried when Hitler came to power in 1933 and emphasised his hatred for communism.

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