Why wars occur

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Religion,N&E,E and I & pd


Poor treatment of a religous group can lead to invasion-e.g. Bosnia/Kosovo-Serbian army invaded to protect Orthodox Christians from Muslim Majority.

If the majority is one religion but the country is a different religion-e.g. Majority of Kashmir is Muslim but is a Hindu country.

Nationalism and ethnicity

Belief that a seperate ethnic group should have its own country-e.g. Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

Insistence that a minority group should be removed from a country-e.g.Genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda 1994

Tension created by colonism-e.g. Africa- Sudan and Kenya were 'created' by European conquerors


To secure resources-e.g. Iraq's oil reserves?

Refugees fleeing economic crisis-e.g. Zimbabwe's refugees looking for food and work in South Africa

Ideological and political differences

Different political groups fighting for power-e.g. Democratic Repubilc of Congo

Fighting Communism-Korean War 1949

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