why is democracy important?

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Democracy established and protects freedom:

  • Events such as the French Revolution, the Soviet Collapse and the Arab Spring, saw the people protest to be free from the autocratic monarchy and adopt a new democratic system.
  • No govt could threaten democracy and freedom in a democratic country.
  • Democracy allows the people to protest against their ruler and to have a new ruler.
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Democracy protects minorities:

  • 'Pluralist democracy' ensures that all groups need to be taken into account. 
  • This guarantees that all people are free from discrimination.
  • It also makes sure that the minorities do not get left behind. 
  • John Stuart Mill stated that democracies with a leader that has a majority govt, the minorites are left behind known as 'tyranny by the majority.'
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Government Power

Democracy controls government power:

  • It is believed that power tends to corrupt those that wield it.
  • Thereofore, if the power is in the hands of the people through elections, the people can feel safe from corruption as they are making the decisions. 
  • The Prime Minister could be stopped from ruling by a vote of no confidence. 
  • Democracy stops corruption and the leader from having all power.
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Popular participation

Democracy encourages popular participation:

  • The people have the opportunity to become informed and be directly involved in influencing decision making, in a free democracy.
  • This can be done by:
    • Political education.
    • Voting in GEs and Referendums.
    • Joining PGs.
    • Signing a petition.
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Disperses more power

Democracy disperses power more widely:

  • In many regimes, power lies in the hands of the small elite and is removed from the people.
    • Such as Syria, China and North Korea- people can't go on google or Facebook). 
    • This results in people not being politically aware.
  • True democracy spreads the power out so that everybody in the country has a say.
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