Why did Lloyd George Become Prime Minister? (Britain at War 1914-1918) (Britain 1900-1951)

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War Council

War Council proposed by Lloyd George 1st December 1916

  • Asquith accepted the War Council on 3rd December
    • Withdrew this offer 4th December
  • Lloyd George resigned 5th December
  • Asquith resigned 6th December
    • He believed his support with leading ministers meant that a government couldn't be formed.
  • Bonar Law was summoned to form a government.
    • He said he would only do so if Asquith joined
    • Asquith refused
    • Bonar Law couldn't form a government
  • Lloyd George was the only alternative for government
    • Bonar Law, promenant Conservatives, and Labour agreed to serve under him
    • Prominent Liberals followed Asquith

7th December: Lloyd George became Prime Minister

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Reasons Lloyd George became Prime Minister

  • His position as Minister of Munitions & Minister of War
    • He had shown a new energy in mobilising the country to increase production and deal with workers
  • The war effort required a new leader
    • He was less part of the establishment 
    • More popular than Asquith
  • Asquith made serious errors of judgement
  • The backbenchers had “grown apart” from their leadership and required a more dynamic leadership
    • Lloyd George was popular and dynamic.
  • LG had good relations with the trade unions and Labour accepted his leadership
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