Why did knights go on the third crusade

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situation in the east

plainly the trigger 

the same as the first and the second crusade 

catastrophic setback of 1187 acted as the spur to action 

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religious reasons - detail

kightly dilemma- eternal obsession with sin, soul, salvation vs damnation. Remission of sin, access to heaven 

Richard: signed up immediatley due to powerful religious conviction 

Audita Tremendi - sin as cause for the defeat at hattin, implored cleansing of sin and their souls 

Impact of preaching - emotion, Jos of Tyre legate to france, henry legate to Germany 

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religious - importance

it was very dangerous for people to go on crusade 

kings had a lot at risk if they went on crusade, threatended the stability of their power 

the fact that they went shows their religious conviction 

richard was swift to take up the cross, religious motivation was central 

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social - detail

feaudal obligations were still at play, chain of recruitment, chivalry 

family ties to outremer: there had been over 80 years of settlement in outremer so there was a sense of responsability to support those who had settled there.

Richard was a cousin of Sibylla 

The angevin and capetian rivalry, both families wanted supremacy in france, joining gave them the oppertunity to show to be more than the other 

Chivalry: developing concept, obligation to improve and display military prowess, internal motivation 

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social - importance

this was a key motivator of many of the low ranking participants 

richard throughout fialed to live up to his promise of sharing the spoils of war with philip which does show that maybe he was using the crusade to assert himself above philip 

philiphs envy of richards success 

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economic - details

richard and philip agreed on spoils

agreed that all financial and territorial gain would be split equally 

wages were promised for the lower ranks and this will have appealed as a steady income oppertunity 

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economic - importance

the level of preparation suggested no intent of going for gains

they had both funded their armies well 

no permanent seizures of territory 

either seized nothing or handed on what they had done very quickly 

all had no intention of staying in the east

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