why did knights go on the fourth crusade

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situation in the east

third crusade and the german crusade 

potential for success 

no recent crisis 

innocent didnt emphasise a crisis 

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religious reasons

religiosity of europe 

emphasis on internal faith 

condemned their sins, it was their fault that the muslims still had jerusalem 

promise of indulgence for those who went and also those who payed for people to go. All sins even those that hadnt been confessed 

preaching campaign 

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social reasons

avoid war in france: Thibout, louis and baldwin didnt want to get drawn into fighting for john who they disliked 

family traditons 

notion of chivalry: developing notion of loyalty to your feaudal lord- emphasis on bravery honour and courage 

knightly virtue

feaudal obligations 

knightly project 

social deonstration

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economic reasons

venetian participants: 

potential of economic benefit from full possession of levant 

potential for economic benefit from possession of alexandria 

opportunity to take back control of zara 

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