Who was to blame for World War 1 ?

Some points explaining why countries could be blamed for starting the war.

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Who could be to blame and why?

  • Serbia - encouraging the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and rejecting Austria - Hungary's ultimatum
  • Austria - Hungary - manipulating the situation to gain a chance to invade Serbia
  • Russia - irresponsible mobilisation (they knew that it would provoke Germany)
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Who could be to blame and why?

  • Germany - wanting war - planning early
  • 1912 - not accepting Russia's assurances that the mobilisation was against Austria only
  • Germany's 'blank cheque' to Austria
  • Schlieffen Plan - turned defensive mobilisations into an offensive conflict
  • Britain - the naval race
  • Becoming involved in a continental war, where the neutrality of Belgium would be hard to promise
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