Who treated patients between 1350-1750?

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  • Doctors prescribed medicine which was then made by the Apothecaries.
  • Doctors looked down on Barber Surgeons as they didn't have any qualifications
  • Doctors still believed in the Theory of the Four Humours - this led to the continuing use of blood letting as a treatment.
  • In the twelfth century, universities were set up over Europe by the Church - this alloes formal training of doctors.
  • Doctors were trained by the Chruch in the teachings of Galen. 
  • Doctors treated patients by using urine tests, astrology, herbal rememdies and the four humours.
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  • The Church set up loads of hospitals but only a few actually treated the sick. Most hospitals looked after the elderly or lepers.
  • Some monasteries has hospitals - monks cared for the sick but didn't have any formal training but had a lot of practice and knowledge.
  • The hospitals that did care for the sick didn't find out better ways of treating the illness or disease.
  • The Church taught that disease had a spiritual cause - most nuns and monks who worked in the hospitals were more concerned with the patients' minds rather than their bodies. However some did gain great experience and knowledge of cures.
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