Who owns the mass media

Who owns the mass media

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Media Ownership

  • Some people believe that having different people owning parts of the media eg. different newspaper companies is good as it is a sign of a healthy democracy
  • This is a pluralist view
  • However, other people believe that too much power can be held in the hands of a few wealthy people and they have too much control
  • Marxists believe that the mass media is owned by the elite group in society (the 'ruling classes') who control the way people think and act
  • Advertising in the media eg. in newspapers, gives wealthy business owners that can pay for advertising space have more and bigger influence over the media content
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  • In Britain, the mass media is often biased and influenced by politicians and people in positions of power
  • The mass media are frequently biased in favour of powerful groups or individuals
  • The owners of the media decide the direction of a policy eg. the political party their newspaper supports
  • They then employ staff to make day-to-day decisions about content
  • Sociologists call these people gatekeepers
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  • Politicians often try to control the media by spin
  • This means attempting to manage and control the message that the media puts out as news
  • They manage the media's message to influence the way that events are reported
  • They are called spin doctors
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