Who Commits Crime Key Words

Who Commits Crime Key Words

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Chivalry Thesis - the belief that the police and courts, because they are male dominated, are easier on women

Ladette - young women who behaves in a boisterously assertive or crude manner and engages in heavy drinking sessions

Injustice - when a person is accused of a crime of which they are not guilty

Institutional racism - occurs when the everyday practices and procedures of an organisation eg. the police lead to discrimination against ethnic groups either intentionally or unintentionally

Anomie- a situation where large numbers of people fail to follow generally accepted values instead adopting various deviant forms of behaviour eg, theft

White-collar crime - criminal acts committed by middle class people in the course of their work

Idetity theft - the misappropriation of the identity of another person without their knowledge of consent. These identity details are then used to obtain goods and services in that person's name

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