What Was The Impact of Communist Rule On China's Relations With Other Countries?

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What Have Been China's Relations With Neighbouring

Tibet - Relations stayed the same (bad)

1950 - China invaded to unify - USA and Br did not want to intervene

1958 - Tibet rebellion crushed by China- wanted to destroy all Tibet culture

1987, 89 - Occupied for 20 years - refused to partyy - violent clashes

1993Lhasa Uprising - 1000s arrested, culture destroyed, Dalia Lama exiled

India - Relations got worse (India feared Chinese intentions after Tibet)

1949 - India were the first to recognise China, but China didn't recognise India's border

1956 - China built a road in India - border clashes

1962 - Chinese won an East/West border clash on ownership of NEFA

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What Have Been China's Relations With Neighbouring

Vietnam - Relations got worse (especially since Mao's death)

Until 1979 - Good relations

1978 - Signed a treaty with USSR (enemies) - increase sphere of influence

1979 - China invaded Vietnam (war) to stop ally of USSR having power

March 1979 - Withdrew after a large amount of damage in Vietnam

Hong Kong - Relations improved (once Mao had died)

Capitalist economy run by Br - tension of repeat of Tianenmen Square

1997 - Br smoothly handed HK back to China - no changes to Br policies

Respect for their policies and those who fled there to escape communism

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What Have Been China's Relations With Neighbouring

Relations improved (especially since Mao's death)

1949 - Taiwan defeated in civil war (GMD) - Chiang , 2million GMD & American weapons wanted to stay democratic but feared China's size

Didn't always allow Chinese trade ships North - South sea passage

1950 - Korean War - Taiwan raided and bombed SW China (US supported them, gave them access to the UN) - China gained some islands

.1979 - Taiwan Relations Act with USA (supported democracy, equal support to Taiwan and China

1981-87 - Taiwan allowed visits into China (possible reunification?)

Public influence for democracy so no

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What Have Been China's Relations With Neighbouring

Relations worsened

1950 - Supported Korean War, Treaty of Mutual Assistance - US feared comm

China = ideological, USSR = pragmatic, USSR took $2bn resources from Manchuria, Disagreed over Mongolia land control, Stalin and Mao distrust

1956 - Khrushchev denounced Stalin (communist hero), USSR's relations with USA began to improve - Mao didn;t believe in peaceful cooexistance

1958 - USSR wanted to set up radio station in China (thought trying to get control?) and have a shared submarine fleet

1960 - USSR cut off their aid

Didn't want to mess their US relations, Economic Crisis in China, Border clashes

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Why Did China Try To Improve Relations With USA Af

1949 - USA had supported GMD

Korean and Vietnam War  - supported opposite sides (Domino, Containment)

China banned from UN - Taiwan instead, US ships around China's border and Japan rebuilt for attack

Late 1960s - US withdrew Vietnam troops - realised no stopping communism

China wanted some invest (none from USSR) - Western investment and tech

1971 - China allowed into UN

1972 - Nixon visited to establish trade and culture links

China-US Friendship Treaty - China ordered $2bn advice and machinery, trade and investment

1979 - Full recognition to People's Republic, Deng went to USA

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How Far Was China Established as a Superpower by t

Resources - give China economic potential

Huge land, population, army, roads and resources (concentrated in East)

Political Views - Strong, independant (didn't follow USSR's policies [relaxed])

Cultural Revolution, Personality cult for Mao, Little criticism

Allies with USA - good for trade and aid

Went against world opinion, Fought quite infrequently

BUT Little technology - focussed in East so no way to Europe - bad for trade

Few significant allies - Mao and Khrushchev didn't get along

Broke friendship treay in 1960 - concern over nuclear weapons

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