What to consider when having a child

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Responsibilities of Being A Parent

1) You need to be able to meet all the children's needs

2) It involves a lot of sleepless nights

3) It's a long-term responsibility and there are no days off. You have to be mature enough to cope.

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Think about your Lifestyle and How You Want to Liv

1) Having children costs a lot of money

2) Would you stay at home or hire childcare (which is expensive)

3) If you have a career taking a break might make it hard to get a job when you return

4) You have to

give up some of your social life and hobbies. If you feel like you could resent the baby for this then you are not ready for children

5) You might have to move if your house or flat is too small

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Think About Your Family and How the New Baby Fits

1) A stable relationship between the parents is important, babies need love and stability

2) If there are children already in the family, how would they feel about a new member? You would have less time to spend with the older children

3) Think about support you could get from relatives, would they be happy to babysit?

4) For some women with health problems it can be dangerous to become pregnant

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There Are Six Main Bad Reasons To Have A Baby:

1) As someone to love, someone to love you

2) Pressure from family

3) Peer pressure from friends

4) Extra-Benifit from the government

5) If the woman's biological clock is ticking- think that if they don't have a kid now it will be too late

6) To bring a couple closer

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