What role did leaders play in the survival of the Crusader states to 1144?

Castle Building, Capturing territory, military skill, co-operation and support

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Castle Building

Baldwin I- built Montreal in 1115- protected the South Kingdom. Castle of Scandalion near Tyre in 1117

Fulk- Strengthened Kingdoms South border. Built Fortress of Kerak. To the South West he built Blanche Garde to defend against the Egyptians.

Krak Des Chevailiers- Used as a headquarters for knights. Defend the Franks holdings in Northern Syria.

Toron in K of J- Its purpose was acting as a major obstacle to the Muslims trying to defend the Kingdom from the East

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Capturing Territory

Baldwin I- 1101- Captured Arsuf and Caesarea. 1104- captured Acre,

1110- Captured Beirut and Sidon

Baldwin II- 1122 captured Joscelin

Fulk-1137- Captured fort of Banias

Tancred- expanded borders of Principality and toom Tarsus and Latakia

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Military Skill

Baldwin- 1102 escaped Ramlah, 1105 victorious at 3rd battle of Ramlah

Baldwin II- 1118 ready to defend and made Muslim army back down from Egpty and Syria. Hurried north in 1120 when the principality was invaded and he also called the Council of Nablus where he established the first written laws for K of J and extended rights and privileges for growing Bourgeois communities.

Fulk- Strengthed the Kingdoms Southern border

Tancred- Tried to raise troops in Italy in 1105 to defend crusader states

Roger of Salerno- Defeated a Sejuk attack in 1113 but was killed in Field of Blood in 1119.

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Co-operation and Support

Baldwin I- Captured Arsuf 1101 and Caesarea 1104 with assisance from Genoease fleets. He acted as an arbitrator of a council of the greatest barons in 1109 and in 1111 assisted Tancred in besieging Shaizar. In 1115 he invited Syrian Christians to settle in Jerusalem.

Baldwin II- Helped Antioch recover and drive out Seljuks. In Damascus 1129 he joined templars, but was defeated, and traveled with his son in law Fulk V.

Fulk- 1137 allied with Mu'in Ad-Din Unar

Tancred- Allied with Ridwan of Aleppo in order to keep orderin Edessa

Bohemond II- Married Constance to Raymond of Poitiers.

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