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poems about killing and murder


  • the narrator is a women whos had a one night stand, then killed the man she slept with.
  • she does not tell us what she has done straight away.
  • she desciribes the "reddish beard" and "crimson mouth" which should sound innocent until we found out that she has murdered him
  • she doent regret what she has done, as she says sarcastlicaly "aint life a *****" then jokes about the head on a platter.
  • her calm attitude to the murder is shocking
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death can be depressing

on my first sonne

  • poet expresses the grief he feels over losing a child "farewell thou child of my right hand and joy"
  • he tries to find something +ve in sons death - he has escapes misseries of aging and lifes troubles
  • pays tribute to son "best piece of poetrie" - best work, says never love anything too much again incase he loses it


  • seeing the old people in the home makes the poet think about his own death
  • old people appear very close to death - "pasty bloodless smiles" and "stunned brains" suggest already parts of body that are dead
  • the thought of death depresses him "feel the terror of dusk begin"
  • but at the end says, "somethimes the sun pangles" and this makes him determines to get as much out of life as possible
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parents who find it hard to let go

Mother any distance greater

  • person in this poem is moving into his own house. Becoming indempendant from his mum
  • mum helps him measure up things, tape measure "unreeling/years between us" becomes a metaphor for all the shared memories that they have shared together
  • mother finds it difficult to let go of him completely "your fingertips still pinch the last 1 hundreth of and inch"
  • at the end, he faces up to life without his mum, ready to "fall or fly"

on my first sonne could also be used...

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children's views of their parents over time

Before you were mine

  • the poet imagines her mother as a glamorous person
  • she likes to think of her mother as a bit of a rebel who put pleasure first. She imagines her staying out late, not caring that she would get a "hiding" when she came home
  • she  remembers as a child, playing with her mums red high heelied shoes "relics" of her frivolous past and her mum teaching her to "cha cha cha" on the way back from church
  • she realises the sacrifices her mother has made since her birth. With the "loud possessive yell" of a young baby, she took over her mothers life.
  • she no longer had time to go out and have a good time


  • the person being talked to in this poem is about how she/he regaredes their parents - family.
  • after the argument that it had with them it left her with the inability to talk or trust them any more.
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Romantic love

Sonnet 130

  • it is written as a sonnet, (14 lines long), howevs. Shakespeare goes against readers expectations and is quite rude about his mistress "her eyes are nothing like the sun"
  • on line 9 is the first hint that he loves her "i love to hear her speak"
  • in the last 2 sentances the tone canges, he decleares that his mistress is just as wonderful as any women whos praised with silly compliments "i think my love as rare"

Anne Hathaway

  • poem is a sonnet, describes the love with her husband 
  • love between them was almost too good o be true . She uses romantic, magical words to describe it "lovers words/ were shooting stars to these lips"
  • says their love was "romance / drama played by touch by scent, by taste" i was so passionate she passionate she felt as if they were caracters in one of her husbands plays
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