what is global warming

global warming- the increasein temprature of the earths atmosphere thought to be caused by teh green houise effect.

global warming is thought to cause, avergae tempratures rising, increase in rianfall, sea levels rising, leading tocostal areas disapearing and countires such as spain becoming deserts.

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causes of global warming ,

most scintsist think taht globalwarming is cuased by peopelputting too much carbon into teh atmosphere.

burning of fossil fuels is also thoguth to be a major contributing factor towards global wamring. this produces carbon dioxide which is liek producing a barrier in teh earths atmosphere so taht the heat form  teh sun can get in but cannot get back out agin. other scintist belive taht global warming is caused by teh amount of rtadiation being produced by teh sun.

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possiblesolutions to global warming are:

  • producing electricity by wind, water etc
  • using more efficent menas of waste disposal, recycling,nuclear reprocessing and geological storage.
  • peopel being made to stop dropping litter.
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