what in ghana needs developing

what are the diffrances between ghana and the uk.

 this will show you what needs developind in ghana.

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where do people live

there is a lot of diffrances between the uk and ghana like where they live for example, more than half of the uk live in urban areas and very little amount of people live in rural areas.

in ghana more than half of the population live in rural areas and very few live in urban areas.

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what kind of work do people do

people work in the uk more than 75%work in servaces and less then 25% work in manufacoting and less than ten work in farming.

in ghana more than 50% work in faming and less than 25% work in serevaces and less than 15% work in manufactoring this shows that...

the UK is a MEDC

and ghana is a LEDC

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what is the age structure of the population

in the uk they have a very low birth rate because they have more knowlage of birth so we have less kids and as the education and medical issue are good we have a higher death rate.

in ghana it has a high birth rate and a low death rate form there lack of education.

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