What effect does the media have on society

What effect does the media have on society

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Agency of Socialisation

  • The mass media is a secondary agency of socialisation
  • They are part of the way that people learn about the social world beyond there primary agent of socialisation - family
  • Parents, peer groups, school and friends will have a powerful influence on aspirations and behaviour but the media also present images that dominate peoples lives
  • Some people argue that the media should represent the world in a biased and non stereotypical view on reality
  • However, much of the media is biased and is based on stereotypes and exaggerates representations of society especially in television and films
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Families and the Media

  • Many sociologists think that television were replacing traditional family gatherings around the fireplace
  • This was when families would talk about the events of the day and listen to the radio or read a newspaper
  • There were physical changes in the living rooms of families as they arranged chairs to view the television
  • The television became the substitute hearth
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