Dodge Dandolo & the Venetians

  • DD was the leader of the crusade, and said that if they went, they would have to go the way he wanted to first.
  • were in debt with the venetians, so effectively, were in control of the crusaders.
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Christian Leaders - Money Hungry

  • when only 11,000 people turned up, it meant that they couldn't pay back the venetians, so instead attcked Zara and used it as a payment (24 Nov 1202)
  • when the crusaders said the would help Alexius he promised them men and money, so attcked Constantinople to get the money they wanted (April 1204)
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Poor Planning & Leadership

  • they didn't have all the men they originally planned to have, and so were weaker.
  • it was completely overestimated, denied access to venice.
  • pope could also be blamed, he didn't get very involved and didn't have a lot of control over it.
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Concern about Byzantium Politics

  • got involved because they were promised 10,000 men and 200,000 marks, and that he would reunite the church.
  • Dodge keen to get revenge, 1171, Isaac blinded, stopped venetians trading with Constantinople.
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