Western Rebellion - June 1549

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Religious reasons:

- Introduction of the prayer book, 1549

- William Body's investigation into church goods was disliked by Cornwall

Economic reasons:

- Tax on sheep

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Articles of the rebellion

Articles of the Western rebellion:

- Demanded that the 6 articles be reinstated

- Mass in Latin

- Holy bread and water every Sunday, images restored

- Demanded priests at mass pray for souls of purgatory

- Prayers for the dead

- Purgatory

Why may the articles not reflect the demands of all the rebels?

- Articles were written by Priests, therefore mainly focused on religion, rebels may have had other reasons that were not reflected

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Demands of the rebels

What were the main demands of the Western rebels?

Religious demands

- shown through Articles

Economic demands, rebels opposed Gentry:

- attacked and killed gentry at Bodmin

- killed William Hellyons at St Michael's Mount

- gentry gained from the dissolution, were now implementing their policy

- Nobility had raised rents excessively, were not caring for the less fortunate

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How were the rebels put down?

Government response:

- Lord Russell given small army, reinforced by Lord Grey

- Confronted rebels 3 times, Fenny Bridges, Clyst st Marys, Clyst Heath

- Rebels were defeated at Stampford Courtenay


- 3000 were later killed

- Leader, Robert Walsh was hung from his own chuch gallows

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How was the Western rebellion serious?

How was the Western rebellion serious?

- 5000 rebels

- had articles that opposed Edward's religion

- took 3 battles to defeat

- rebels killed gentry who opposed them

- Somerset faced problems with enclosure and in Scotland and France which would have distracted him from the Western rebellion

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How was the Western rebellion not serious?

How was the Western  rebellion not serious?

- rebels didn't oppose Edwrad VI or his government, just religion

- Exeter were able to overcome rebel forces by spoiling the poor immediately before rebels reached their land

- rebels were killed in their thousands and beaten by government forces

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