Weimar Government and the Treats from the Right Wing

The threats from the right wing to the Weimar government

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Threats from the Right Wing in 1920

  • The right wing groups were the Freikorps and lead by Wolfgang Kapp
  • They liked the way the Kaiser had run the government
  • They wanted Germany to have an empire and industry again
  • So, in March 1920 500 Freikorps were led into Berlin for the Kapp Putsch
  • The army refused to kill the Freikorps and stop the revolt and it looked as if the Weimar government were doomed
  • However, they were saved by the German people - mostly the workers
  • They declared a general strike so there was no transport, power or water
  • This meant that the revolt couldn't continue
  • Kapp left the country as he knew they couldn't win
  • They rebels were punished and Kapp was hunted down
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Threat from Right Wing - 1922-23

  • The Weimar government was struggling to stop political violence
  • There were frequent assassinations
  • In 1922 the foreign minister was killed by extremists
  • In 1923 Hitler and the Nazis revolted in the Munich Putsch
  • Both of the extremists leaders went to prison
  • But they had a light sentence and were let off easily - the right wing had friends and supporters in high up places (in this case a judge)
  • This was not a good sign for the Weimar government
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