Weimar Germany: Treaty of Versailles Edexcel History 2A


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  • Way to remember it: GARGLE.
  • G uilt: By Article 231, Germany had to accept full blame for the war.
  • A rmed forces:
    • 100, 000 men.
    • No conscription-only volunteers allowed.
    • No submarines or airforce.
    • 6 battleships, 6 cruisers, 12 destroyers and 12 torpedo boats allowed.
    • The Rhineland between France and Germany was demilitarised.
  • R eparations: £6.6 billion, until 1984.
  • G erman territory lost:
    • Alsace-Lorraine returned to France.
    • Malmedy given to Belgium.
    • West Prussia, including the 'Polish Corridor', given to Poland.
    • Germany loses entire empire and 12% of population.
    • 48% iron industry lost.
    • 16% coal industry lost.
  • L eague of Nations: set up to settle disputes by discussion and not war.
  • E xtra: Anschluss (union) between Germany and Austria was banned.
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  • People called it a 'Dolchstoss'- 'stab in the back'.
  • The government officials who signed the treaty were called the November Criminals.
  • Called a 'Diktat'-the peace was dictated.
  • The economy was damaged, throwing Germany into poverty.
  • Lasting political protests- riots and uprisings.
  • Just about defenceless.
  • Didn't have many rights.
  • Cruel, and Germany wanted revenge.
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